Gary White

International Travel photographer specialising in worldwide travel, tourism, wildlife, culture and adventure photography.



I aim to photograph the landscape in a way that will help others appreciate and care for it. I hope to express the deep spirituality that I find in nature and to bring back images to people that might not otherwise have an opportunity to witness the beauty.
Gary White Photography
Who is Gary White?
Short Answer is, I am an Australian Professional Photographer. Growing up travelling the world, my love of nature long preceded my love of photography. Being part of a family that appreciated and explored the outdoors helped me learn to appreciate and enjoy the landscape. Today I spend as much time as I can in nature hiking, backpacking, skiing, surfing and fishing. I enjoy traveling to new and exotic locations, especially to new mountain ranges. I would rather visit a jagged peak way off the map than struggle with crowds in a city any day. For me, photography is really just a by-product of spending so much time in nature. I think that spending time in the wilderness is just about the best thing one can do. I find a deep spirituality in nature and I hope for it to become evident in my photography. I put a lot of effort into these images and I hope that my passion for traveling and nature can translate into something special for the viewer. I also have a Facebook page that contains lots of photographs and the stories behind them. Enjoy looking at my images!
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